June 21, 2008

Wedding Day!

What a beautiful wedding day we had yesterday! My brother Corey looked great in his white tux! The ceremony was at 5:00 so TJ had to leave right after, that is why he isn't in any pictures. Sad huh? All the events of the day were held at Gunnell Park in Wellsville. It turned out to be a beautiful day, and Megan didn't go into labor so that's always good! We were scared she was going to have the baby the same day as the wedding. Your day is soon Megan!

Our cute family picture, minus our Dad!
My beautiful Hayden bug.

Hayden was such a good boy at the wedding. I was a lucky mommy! Look how blue his eyes are in this picture. He is so handsome!

This is where Tanner Goose hung out!

My cute brother.

What a cute family!

Can you tell we are brother and sisters!

What a pretty bride!

They begged all night to have a taste of the cake. Finally the moment came!
Congrats Corey and Brit! We love you!


Drew and Jenny said...

Hey Erin! This is Jenny (Lindbloom) Yergensen and I'm glad you contacted me. You boys are beautiful and I'm glad to see you guys are doing so well! Looks like you're such a great mom. I'm learning it's the best thing ever!

The Jensen Family said...

What a cute picture of you and your boys! You're such a good mom!

Kasi French said...

I love the picture of you and the boys! So sweet! It was great to see you, hopefully I'll make it up again sometime soon!

Jen H. Burbank :) said...


The Gardner Trio said...

Love all the pics! WOW! Your family all looks alike! Beautiful wedding dress! COngrats to them!

Amber, Paul and Tacoma said...

I found your blog through Nicki. I didn't even know you were expecting again. You have a beautiful family. I can't believe you have all boys. You must be so busy.

crosbiefamily said...

The wedding pictures were great. I am so glad your brother got married. And I didn't know your sister was pregnant, tell her congrats. Hayden is gorgeous, just like the other two! Hopefully I will see you at Pickleville.

Kristina said...

Hey Erin! I need your email address so I can invite you guys to our blog! I love seeing pics of your cute family. My email is kristinahansen11@gmail.com.

-Kristina & Brooks Hansen =)

ashlee said...

hi erin! im so glad you came to our blog-i will add you to my list:) im so excited for your brother, i sort of know brit and she is a DOLL! i cant believe how cute your family of boys is, and are you guys in bear lake? come see me!!!!