June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

I just wanted to wish a Happy Fathers Day to our Dads, and to my TJ. We are so lucky to have such wonderful Grandpas for our kids. Thanks for loving our boys! We had a great day today. We spent time at both of our parents house, eating yummy food and playing with our boys. Carter had a little accident on the tractor today. He fell off the back of it and landed face first on the concrete. Poor kid has a pretty bad fat lip.

Obviously this is before the accident!
Tanner loves his cousin Elliot.
Look at these handsome boys!
Sorry Carter Baby!

TJ, I hope you had a great day today. You are a great Dad. Your boys love you so much, but not as much as me! Love you honey!


Dani said...

Poor little boy. I hate when Abby gets hurt. But I love that she will cuddle with me when she does. We are excited to come see the show. We will be in Bear Lake next week and can't wait. My mom got us tickets so I am not sure which one we are coming to or which day, but I am sure they are both good because they always are.
See you guys soon!!!

Hyrum said...

Erin our house is in Smithfield and we absolutely love it, but it is just so far from our jobs. You want to buy it??? No, I am not a modbe consultant but you can find one online.

The Gardner Trio said...

Oh! What a sweet post about your husband!
Too bad that big owwwwee had to come on the chin! OUCH!