February 3, 2009

TJ is 28!

TJ turned 28 on the 31st of January. We had a birthday dinner at Calaway's, and then back home to have cake. He got the new mini hard drive that he has had his eye on, and new shoes. We had a great time!
(Yes, we do have conversation hearts stuck to our heads!)

We love you.
(Does that cake look like a hazard to you too!?!?)


Sarah said...

That is so funny - Daniel and TJ have the same birthday. Well...except about five years apart :)

Jen said...

Sounds like a fun b-day! Hayden is getting so big!!

Teddy said...

Happy birthday TJ!

The Cederstrom's said...

Have birthday TJ!! I hope you handled it better than Dave... he thinks he is getting soooo old!! It will be blast when he turns 30, cause he will be mortified!! Anyway... Happy Birthday again!!

Melissa said...

haha I love those conversation hearts! So cute! Happy Birhtday TJ!! It looks like so much fun! You guys have such an awesome family! I love you all!

The Kari said...

Happy Birthday TJ! You Old Fart!