August 20, 2009

Park City!

We had our annual Davis family trip, and this year we decided to go to Park City. We were there for three days and stayed in the most amazing hotel! It was called the Westgate Resort & Spa. Our rooms were beautiful! It had a great big pool (sorry I forgot to take pics) that the boys wanted to swim in all day long! I will do a quick recap of each day!

Day 1: Checked in and just chilled! We watched a movie, and ate popcorn.

Day 2: We swam that morning because the boys couldn't stand waiting any longer! After swimming we went to the Alpine Slide. Carter and Tanner LOVED it! Hayden was too little to go on it, so he got to hang out with the twins.

Brooklyn :)
We raced all the way down! The quote of the day from Carter while we were racing was "Mom, this is the life!"
Mckenna & her squishy cheeks! Me and Mckenna
Carter and Tanner went once with us, and then again with Shar & Andy. :)I love this picture. My boys love their Uncle Andy so much!

After the Alpine Slide we went back to our hotel to clean up. We headed to Heber to go to the Sundance Theater. We saw the musical "The Fantastics" in their amphitheater. It. Was. Freezing. Cold. The party planner forgot to inform everyone that it was outside, so Whit & Andy were not dressed for the occasion! Sorry guys! The boys were so great to sit through the whole show.

Gma and the boys waiting for the show to start.

Day 3: Shopping day! We went to the outlet stores and found some great deals! After that we took the boys to the pool for a quick swim. Carter & Tanner are really great swimmers. Tanner hasn't had any lessons but the boy can swim from one side to the other without help. It's awesome! After swimming we got ready and headed to Sandy. We saw "Suessical" at the Sandy Amphitheater, and is was so much fun. Carter & Tanner loved it!

Waiting to go inside the theater.

Gpa Wee, Ty, and Carter with their crazy hats!

Best friends.

We had some time before the show, so I snapped some shots of my handsome boys!

Day 4: Cowabunga Bay Water Park! This is a brand new water slide park in Draper. It was lots of fun!
You can see the water slides behind Carter.

This is where Hayden spent most of the day, with Ty!

The boys floating down the lazy river!

Grandma & Mckenna

Fun times with Whit!

Thanks so much to Mom & Dad Davis for such a wonderful trip. It was so great to get away and relax a little.
I love you guys!


Kasi French said...

So fun!! Your boys are absolutely adorable. Hopefully we'll see you up at Pickleville tomorrow night!! Love you!

Melissa said...

The little Brooklyn looks so much like Sharli, I think.
Looks like you guys had the BEST time. It's always nice (And needed) to get away. I've never seen Suessical and I heard it's AWESOME!
I know you know this but Hayden just couldn't be any cuter!!!

Sarah said...

Cutest kids. Awesome pictures. FUN vacation!

Lacey said...

What an awesome family vacation! I love family trips, and you guys sure know how to have fun. :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like fun!! Your boys are the cutest!!

Wendi said...

I love Park City! What fun!

Shalice said...

You guys had a party!

I want to try that hotel out!

Thanks for giving us the best time at Pickleville. My kids adore it - and you, TJ, and Drea are so sweet to them! We love seeing your family. And the plays are amazing - your hubby is one talented guy!

Kellie said...

What a fun trip!

Kristina said...

How fun! I think Brooklyn looks so much like Sharli in that picture! So cute! I love that picture of Hayden sitting on the grass, too- what a doll.

kat said...

Awesome STAYCATION!! :) Your boys are just about the cutest kids I've ever seen! What a fun family!

Chelsea said...

You're breaking my heart. You're not supposed to have fun without us.
miss you.

Reena Bostock said...

Your family always has so much fun! Loved all of your pictures. Your boys are so adorable!

The Gardner Trio said...

YOur photos are amazing! What camera do you use? The pics are so crystal clear!!! Love all the pics! I soo don't want summer to end!

Oh! The (Sr. class officers) are trying to gather everybody's contact info so we can get you information and updates about the 10 year reunion next summer. Will you please take a minute and send an email to the account we've set up: mtcrest00@gmail.com and let us know your current email address or best way to reach you. Nobody else will have access to this information. It'll be for planning and contact purposes only. If you know of friends from our graduating class that don't have facebook, please pass along this information or get us their email addresses. With so many of us that graduated, we need all the help we can get finding everyone. Also, any suggestions and ideas concerning anything about the reunion would be awesome!! Thanks everyone!--------------------

David and Shayla said...

Looks like you had a great time! Your boys are so cute. They are the reason I want lots of boys!

Camille said...

Hey! Saw your comment on my blog. your family is so darling! Love those boys. It's fun to see your family and what you've been up to!

Si said...

Fun to see pictures of your family. Your kids are darling. Cousin Ted is hanging in there! Tell him hello and give he and Andrea a hug for me! Brookie comes back from China in December, so we will be moving her back up to Logan then. Hopefully we will see you then.