October 13, 2010

A Birthday Boy!

My Tanner Goose is 5 years old!  We had such a fun day celebrating my beautiful boy.  Daddy got Tanner a bow and arrow, and the boys are in love with it!  (I secretly love it too cuz I can pretend I'm Katniss.)  He got a few costumes, and some fun Batman toys.  My boys love to dress up in costumes.  It's fun to add to our costume collection!  Tanner loved his homemade Iron Man cake!  Tanner is such a special boy.  He is so kind to everyone around him.  He is always trying to help Hayden, and take care of him.  He loves to ride his bike, especially when he picks Carter up from school. 

I just love his sweet face. 
Happy Birthday Tanner! 
Mommy loves you to the sky and back...


Emily J. said...

My favorite kind of cake to Tanner man. Hope you had a great day

Chelsea said...

So cute! I love your Katniss comment. I need to call you and Shar. I need someone to talk about Mockingjay with. I just finished it a few days ago and it's bugging me.

Tell Tanner happy late birthday from us. Sorry we weren't on the ball to give him a personal shout out. He's still a permanent figure in our prayers at night though. Elliot loves him so much! Me too!!

Taryl said...

what a cutie! Is he left-eyed?? I'm a left handed shooter too. Boo-ya to the lefty's. :) And i haven't shot my bow for awhile, but I too imagine to be Katniss. :)