November 17, 2010

Let's Compare!

Carter- 2 weeks old
Tanner- 8 weeks old
Hayden: 5 weeks old
 Kace- 4 weeks old

So, what do you think?  Who does he look like the most?  
I think he's a pretty good mix!  :)


Melissa S. said...

Good mix for sure. If I HAD to pick one based on those pictures, it would be Hayden.

Tim and Melissa said...

Your boys are all so darling. My vote is that he looks the most like Carter. Too cute!

Chelsea said...

I'd say he looks most like Hayden. What cute babies you make. Can't wait to kiss him myself!

Brett, Cassie, Taylor & Jack said...

holy cow I think they all look so much alike! so cute!

Michele Ringer said...

I'm going with tanner still! Love it!

Cyndy said...

So cute!Mix of Tanner(2)and Hayden(3). Sorry I will get there names down.

The Randalls said...

What darling boys! I love the sun valley pictures too. They all look just like you both somehow. But from the pictures I think Kace looks like Carter, if I have to pick!