November 16, 2010


I haven't been the best at posting photos on here of my sweet new baby boy.  Four children is so crazy!  When I'm posting pictures I'm mostly thinking of Chel and how she hasn't gotten to meet him.  If I were her I would want to see tons of pics.  :)  

What a beautiful boy huh?!?!  He has such big eyes!  I love his crazy hair too.  We have so many people say he looks like Carter, and others will say he looks like Tanner.  Not too many have said Hayden so far.  It's fun that all of my boys are so different, even though they all look like Davis boys.  

I have nicknames for my three big boys.  
Carter Baby, Tanner Goose, and Hayden Bug.  
I can't think of one for Kace!  
Any ideas?


Melissa S. said...

His hair is AWESOME!!!!!!! I love it. It's strawberry/brown-ish with blonde highlights. He just looks so perfect.

Chelle said...

Ha- the whole time I was reading this blog I was thinking, "Man- he looks so much like Hayden!"

Lacey said...

He really is the cutest thing ever... looking at these pictures I just kept thinking, "Yep. He is such a Davis boy!" :)

Tina said...

Oh, he is the CUTEST!! As I was looking through the pictures, I was thinking he looked just like Tanner. In any case, he's definitely an adorable Davis boy!:) I just want to squeeze him!

theSwensenFamily said...

Congratulations!!! Oh, he is so CUTE!!! I love his name, Kace! I can't believe you have 4 BOYS!!! They are all gorgeous! It's amazing that you even have time to post all these cute pictures. Love this boy's wild hair! There is a TON of it! Enjoy him!!! He looks so sweet!

Wendi said...

It is hard to believe that a little blonde could have so much hair! He looks like a Davis to me.

Chelsea said...

Just had to come back today to see my handsome nephew. I am dying to kiss his neck and give him a big squishy hug.
Do it for me and tell him I love him. :)

Lindsey Smith said...

What a cutie. I love all the hair.