July 12, 2011

"Remember Dad Day"

I know these pictures are way old, but I just had to put them on the blog.  On May 23, we met together at TJ's Dad's grave, to celebrate "Remember Dad Day."  It had been one year since the day he passed away.  There was crying, singing, laughing, and lots of fun stories told.  Here are some of the beautiful faces that were there....

We wrote on balloons and sent them to Papa Wee.  We missed Kenzie, and the Haynie family that day.  We sent a balloon to Dad for you guys.  We sure do miss Dad.  What a great tradition we have started!


Chelsea said...

I love the idea of Remember Dad Day! I bet it was a pretty special day. We were thinking of your family back in May! (Not saying that is the only time we think of you...)

Chelsea said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! Beautiful day! Love you!