January 27, 2012

Whot Shot JB

Wow, it's almost here!

Next weekend Juanito Bandito will be in SLC, performing to three almost sold out crowds. 

It seems like right before a show is going to open, I get anxiety, Mom gets ulcers, and TJ may get a cold sore or two.  So much stress!  I know that everything will go very smoothly, because of the man in charge.  TJ is flawless when it comes to this.  

I sometimes find myself thinking of how easy life would be if we would have finished dental school.  My husband would have set hours.  There would be no late night rehearsals, or driving the canyon at midnight.  No stressing about if people will like your creation or not, or writing songs last minute.  Gosh, life would be so simple.  

Would I trade what I have now?  Would I give up all of the wonderful experiences we have had, or the people we have met?  Not in a heartbeat.  TJ has created something so special.  He has transformed Pickleville over the past seven years into something so magical and unique, and no one but him could have done it.  I get so overwhelmed by the amount of talent that comes from this family that I am a part of!  Look at his siblings and what they do to make Pickleville amazing!  It's fun to work together as a team to create awesomeness! 

TJ was blessed with a gift.  A gift given to him by a loving Heavenly Father.  I'm so grateful that he listened when the Spirit told him to take another path.  I can't tell you how many times I have heard, "your husband is so talented!"  In the words of Bandito, Ya se!  (I already know!) 

A few days ago we were listing all of the trials we had on our journey.  Moving across the country twice in nine months, living in student housing with two kids where the carpet was so dirty, and creepy men lurked outside our bedroom window smoking cigarettes, scrapping by each month on next to nothing, coming home from dental school without a plan for the future, and countless more. 

I know that we are doing what we are meant to do.  My part in it all is so small compared to TJ, but it is so amazing to be along for the ride.  I came across this scripture and I just think it sums up this post.

“Neglect not the gift that is in thee” (1 Timothy 4:14).  I'm glad TJ is using his gift to bring joy to peoples lives, and laughter into their homes. 

Come see my wonderful husband, and the extremely talented cast of Who Shot Juanito Bandito.  All of my Logan friends out there, the 17th and 18th are the days to come!  www.picklevilleplayhouse.com.

 Isn't he a hottie in his stretchy pants?!?!


Rosa said...

I am also grateful for the sacrifices you and TJ made to follow the Spirit and do something really, really hard, without even being sure in the beginning if it would be worth it. I know I'm only one of thousands who this is true for, but you've certainly changed my life for the better :) Love you guys so much!

Rosa said...

Not sure if that made total sense... what I meant is that my life is better and I was uplifted because of the gifts you've shared... not like I was on some crazy path and Bandito showed me the light, lol. But maybe, I am kinda crazy ;)

Melissa S. said...

DEFINITELY a God given talent for TJ, but you have the one that CAN GO ALONG W/ THE RIDE WELL AND WITH GRACE!!!!!

ringermelinda1@gmail.com said...

Love your post Erin! Yes, tj has a gift and it's wonderful that together you have followed the spirit and that he is now doing what he is passionate about. But you know what, he couldn't have done it without you by his side. What a great wife and mother you are! Love you Melinda

Pickleville said...

Um, I'm blushing a little, but the truth is that this is nothing close to a one-man-show here. At Pickleville, it's been the combination of everyone's time and talents that've made it into what it is. What would we do without all the wonderful people that show up each year to be in the shows. And not least important are the wonderful families that've helped us build it up by coming to see the productions. Within our family, Erin is the one in charge when it comes to important stuff. Truth is, I get a crazy idea and then I run it by Erin and she's the one that can always feel if it will work or not:)
Everyone that knows Erin and I knows who got the better end of the deal. Everyone I know likes Erin better than they like me, and I love it that way!
Love you, Baby! Can't wait for 5 big sold-out shows in the next three weeks!

Pickleville said...

"Pickleville" = TJ for those who couldn't figure it out:)

Chelsea said...

Have so much fun! Wish we could see the awesome show again, or at least help out with crowd control!

I completely agree that TJ is talented, but you also forgot to mention how talented you are. And those awesome boys of yours. Wow.