September 4, 2013

Hayd the Preschool Boy

Hayd-ba-jayd started preschool. 
Yes, we are sending him to Kindergarten next year. 
We felt it was best for this little soul. 
He's headed to two awesome preschools.  
And he is pumped. 
I love being your mom more than I love french fries. 
Just ask daddy, that's a lot. 


Melissa S. said...

When is his birthday? Our boy's birthday was August 2nd. He could've been a SUPER young kindergartener but we held him back (so he was basically 6 when he went). BEST BEST decision we could've made. He's now in 3rd grade, tall for his class (let's me honest....that's hard to say for my kids), socially more mature and SUPER confident (and he wasn't before).
That picture you took of him is SO SO cute.
Oh and btw.......which place do YOU think has the best french fries? Because there's an obvious battle around here always about which place has the best. ;)