April 1, 2014

Spring Break Madness

We started off our Spring Break at the Pickle Pad with the Clark's.  Yummy food + fun games.  They are such an amazing family!  

KJ + I played Headbands.  He is the sweetest boy.  I gave him a few clues to guess his card.  I said that this animal lives by us + sometimes chases you outside.  His response: a zebra?  I for sure ugly laughed at that.  His next clue was: it says woof woof + don't forget there is one by our house that chases you.   His response: a giraffe?  I love him.  He makes my heart so happy.  

Hayden is coming alive + having opinions.  He's feisty + a little bit of a tattle tale.  He for sure gets pushed around a little too much for my taste, but it will make him a tough cookie.  

Our next stop?  Provo.  We checked into a sweet hotel + swam until we passed out.  These boys are fish!

Uncle Jake plays Lacrosse for BYU + the boys think he is the coolest think like ever!  We are lucky to be able to have such a great family! 


Melissa S. said...

In your son's defense we really DON'T know what giraffes say, right? So maybe they do say woof? and maybe he chases them outside? hahaha. That's hilarious.
your family is just so beautiful. Really.