July 19, 2008

Coopers First Photo Shoot

Cooper came over today and we had such a fun photo shoot. My sister Megan is going to start decorating her house with them. He is such a cute little boy. It took a little while to get him positioned for some of these because he is a little wiggler. Now I need to do this with Hayden!


Chelsea said...

Such cute posts! I would have loved to be on that camp out with you guys! I'm so lonesome!
Coopers pics are amazing...Erin you really are awesome!
I MISS YOU!!! Come visit me!!!
Happy bday Cart. I love you!

Jen H. Burbank :) said...

Love the pics of Cooper! What a cute little guy :)

Melissa said...

You are so talented Erin! Im so impressed! and he is absolutely adorable.

The Gardner Trio said...

Coopers pics are super cute! I also enjoyed all the pics of your camping trip! Love the animal detecting glasses and headband! Sounds like something Ethan might think of! :) That picture of your family in the tall tall grass was AMAZING!!!! Love it!!!

Susanna George said...

Those are too cute!!!! He is adorable!


You guys have had a fun summer. You are a very talented photographer. What kind of camera do you have? Please let me know, I would love to take awesome pics like that. Oh, and we saw Chuck Wagon's Wild West Showdown on Thursday night. I laughed my head off. I could have watched that rap 500 more times. Your hubby is one funny guy. Take care!