July 16, 2008

Our First Family Camping Trip

We decided to take the boys camping Monday night since it is our last non-Sunday night to do whatever we want for awhile. Lets just say that TJ will be doing show after show until the end of December. We are going to try to squeeze a family trip in for a week in October. Our boys loved camping. Tanner and Carters best friend on the trip was the dirt! They also loved throwing rocks in the water.

Cookin' our dinner!

What a handsome boy. I love that face!

Here is the river that was behind our campground. This is where the boys wanted to be most of the time we were there.

We decided to go for a hike with the boys. Andy came with us and took some great pictures. He got these glasses out of his truck for Carter, and told him they would help him find the animals. It was really cute how serious Carter was about it.

Tanner also had his animal finder headlight. What a goof ball!

Hunting for animals. We didn't find any on our hike, but we did have a raccoon come visit us when we were getting ready for bed. He was getting in our garbage, and Tanner thought he was taking our breakfast so he got a little upset. :)

We played hide and seek in the tall grass. Can you see my Carter goose?

Roasting marshmallows!

I love Tanners cute smile. He is so fun to take pictures of.

Exploring around our tent...

Three cute girls. The boys were pretty sad when Sharli had to leave! They had to go home so they could wake up early for work. :(

My mini TJ!

Our little family minus our cute Hayden. Thanks Grandma Cartwright for taking care of him while we played! We are for sure going to make this trip a family tradition!


We do because we Mexi-Can! said...

Camping is the best! Especially for little kids who love to get down and dirty. I wish your baby was in that last picture, that is a super cute family photo!

Jen H. Burbank :) said...

Looks like tons of fun :) Where did you guys camp?

The Jensen Family said...

What a fun family! Cute photos!