July 13, 2008


So we pretty much live at Pickleville now. We got so tired of driving back and forth, so we just brought up most of our stuff and will be staying there the rest of the summer. My boys are really excited about it because they LOVE it up there! I am excited to not have to drive that canyon! I love this picture of Hayden, he is such a smiley boy now! Hayden loves Grandma Great, she is so warm and cuddly!
Grandpa reading the scriptures.
Sleepy Carter baby!
Grandma loves her Hayden boy!
There will for sure be more pictures from Pickleville to come! Come and see us up there everyone!


The Gardner Trio said...

WOW! that huge picture of Hayden right next to that smaller pic of Carter on the right makes them look identical! Cute boys! Have fun at pickleville! At least you get all the yummy homemade fresh raspberry shakes!! Mmmm that will make your stay worth while near Bear Lake

Jen H. Burbank :) said...

Wow, Hayden is getting so big!! How fun to be in Bear Lake during the summer :) How long is Pickleville open for? It would be so fun to come see a show! :)

Kasi French said...

The boys are so dang cute! I'm going to have to come up and see the other show ... if only as an excuse to spend some time with your sweet family!

The McKellars said...

Smart thinking. No better place to be in the summer than Bear Lake!!!

Marilee Leishman said...

Oh, I miss pickleville. Those were fun times.
It was good to see you guys, when we came up. Your boys are so cute and so much fun to be around.