July 27, 2008

Carter is 4 Years Old!

Carter turned 4 last Sunday. I have been really slow with putting the pictures on here. He got some great gifts from us and his Grandparents. His favorite gift of the day was for sure the Heeley's.

This is a great baseball toy! I recommend it to all of you out there with boys! My kids love it and played with it for 2 hours! The brand is Fisher Price.

I didn't make the cake this year. The pirate cake last year about killed me! :)
Davis family party. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the Cartwright side but I didn't!

The Heeley's!

I love you Carter. You are such a big boy. I love how smart you are, and the many smiles you bring to my face!


The McKellars said...

Happy Birthday Carter! Good thing there will be plenty of other little brothers to get to use all those cool toys after Carter!

Kristina said...

What a cutie! I can't believe we have 4 year olds!!! Austin would love that baseball thing. He saw something like it on TV and asks about it all the time! Did you just get it at a store?

Melissa said...

Carter is 4! Ahh what a cute lil dude! His sneaks are way sweet too. Happy Birthday buddy!


I didn't realize our boys were so close in age. It's a fun time isn't it? I need you to e-mail me at sarah_62101@hotmail.com so I can pick your brain about a few camera things. Hayden's camera is v-tech and it was working awesome until he decided to wash it off in the hose. It's drying out right now, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that it will work again.

The Jensen Family said...

Happy Birthday Carter! It's funny you mention the batting tee because we just bought one for Brayden today...I should have read your blog first.

Susanna George said...

That's so cute that he loves his shoes so much! I can't believe he's 4!!!! If he is 4, that means my boys are almost 4, crazy! I remember when Carter was just a little bundle, and he has just gotten cuter and cuter with every year.
That baseball thing looks cool, I might have to get that for Luke and Liam for their birthday.

Chelsea said...

Flip, I can't look...it's making me cry!
I love my Carter boy!